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Cash or terms for your home in good condition!

KeyNote Property specializes in buying beautiful homes in great condition.  The home doesn't have to be new necessarily but it has to be in excellent condition.  The type of home that a majority of today's Buyers are going to think, "Yes. I'd like to live here."

Who else has KeyNote Property helped?

KeyNote Property has helped many other Sellers just like you accomplish their goals.  There nothing like hearing their testimonials indicating that KeyNote Property does what they say they are going to do.

What are the benefits to me as the Seller?

Start with typically you are going to net more from the sale of your home, we can close in hours versus months, and we can work the transition from your current home to your next at your schedule not the buyers!  Look at our complete list of benefits as well as a comparison of a traditional sale vs. a KeyNote Property sale.

Can you send me information that I can read over at my leisure?

Yes!  We have a detailed, free special report which we can send to you that goes over a number of different ways that we can purchase your home quickly and for top dollar.  It goes over commonly asked questions and spells out the various benefits to you as a seller.

What different solutions or ways does KeyNote Property have available to purchase my home?

Which solution will work best for you is primarily determined by your situation and what you are trying to accomplish.  The following are the primary ways we may purchase your home:

  • Lease Purchase

  • Lease/Option

  • Land Contract

  • Subject to the Existing Loan

  • Cash

  • Other

What is the normal process for KeyNote Property to purchase my home?

By this time tomorrow your home can be sold!  In the interest of saving you time, we have come up with a process that first gets you the information that you need to make your decision.  Find out more on our process page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reference our FAQ page to get the answers to many commonly asked questions dealing with subjects like how is the insurance handled?, who is responsible for maintenance?, how are the utilities handled?, and so forth.